Thursday, March 7, 2013

God Saves The Queen!

2012 marks the most interesting year for me. "Why so?" You may asked. 

Well, this is the year that I got hammered again and again in my face with the world most marketable flag! The Olympics, Team GB, Paul Smith, UK Mountain Biking Magazine and Journals. UK bikes, The West End, and of course, 007, James Bond!

I am most convinced that the Union Jack is the world most marketable flag than any other flags. Not even the the Stars and Stripes can beat that. 

So to celebrate that, 2013 will be a celebration of my allegiance with Her Majesty.... more UK products and more Union Jack!

My Next Purchase to Protect my Skull from Monkey Attack in the Trail!!!


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What's your size?

There has been a long debate in the Mountain Biking World what is the optimum size for the bike. 26inch, 27.5inch aka 650B or the 29inch? 

This video will probably explain it further and with insight from the industry expert, things might get a little clearer here.

Courtesy from

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Rainwalker!

Okay, I do have a confession that I am a geek when it comes to equipments and gears for outdoor sports. Boa Lacing footwears, Yankz Shoe Laces, Buff Headgear, Mountain Bike Shorts designed by riders...the list goes on and on.

So what am I going to review or talk about? Backpack! A waterproof backpack that is a huge fraction of the price of the high end branded know what I am talking about. 

Sometimes I just like those underdog products that does not have a strong branding but have design integrity in them that will last a long time. So, I am testing out the Rainwalker. Rain what??? Yes, Rainwalker. Design and made by a small German umbrella making company. The backpack a roll-top waterproofed back that uses the suspension cradle that holds down a 20 litre drybag. It is not something that is new. Many years ago, Dana Design now under Marmot design a back called the Racer X and Raid Z based on the same technology. It was later used by some of the top Adventure Racing Teams. The design then was pretty much a refreshing breakthrough. But, there wasn't much development after the Dana Design era. 

 Got myself a yellow one more for safety at night

Surprisingly, after some years of hiatus, Eberhard Gobel Co from Germany brought it back. So with less than $200, you can get your a well-designed drybag rucksack that you can use it for your hiking, and perhaps a little more extreme adventure. I am taking my new toy out for my numerous adventure (Hiking, Rock Climbing and Mountain Biking) to see if it live up to its reputation. Stay Tuned!